Some important features of Format Factory

Format Factory is basically a computer program which is able to convert the audio, video and all type of image files. It is very helpful as it provides the most important part of converting the audio, video and images. It has the feature of converting these files in a moment just on the click of the button. There is a button option which states “add folder button” and by click on that button, it covert all the files immediately without any botheration. With the help of this program that is Format factory, users are able to convert the programs into any device which ever they have in the PC or in laptop.

The supporting program on which the Format Factory runs the Audio, videos and image files are Mp$ played on iPhone, smart phones, blackberry, and most importantly on PSP.

Important features of the Format Factory
The following are some of the important features of the factory which enable the user to run the program on any format:
  • Format factory provides the nice balancing power of converting the files to another format without crushing ant feature. When user covert the bundle of files at once then it is the possibility to crash some of the features of the files but the format factory program never does the same. It covers all of the files with safe and secure system.
  • The interface of the program of Format factor is very easy to use. It is user friendly and is very straightforward as it does not require experts to handle the software. Any person who has a basic knowledge of the computer can use the software.
  • Format factory contains the option of converting all the files at once. It also converts the ROM devices as DVD, CDs and ISO. One of the most important options of the Format factory is that it contains the option of Multiplex which is the most advanced feature. In this feature, the audio and video files can be joined together.
  • With the help of advance option in the format factory, the information of the media files can also be viewed.
  • It also has the ability to restore the corrupted files and then run on any required format.
  • The format factory versions are available in multiple languages so that maximum number of people can take the advantage of the format factory. Currently it is available in 62 languages.