3 Superlative Software Tools for Remodeling Your Kitchen

These days, the use of advanced CAD-based software to plan home renovations is fairly standard practice. The problem with store specific apps from outfits like IKEA and Home Depot is that there are geographical restrictions as well as vendor lock-in. Fortunately, there are plenty of digital house design programs out there that can be used to remodel your kitchen without limits. If you’re planning a kitchen makeover and want a full-featured CAD design program that’s flexible and powerful at the same time, these three apps are the best options available.


If you’re looking for a free and straightforward kitchen design app, SmartDraw is one of the best examples around. Available for Windows machines only, it boasts quick exporting to Microsoft Office as well as PowerPoint and Project support. It also comes with dozens of useful templates that can be quickly modified to crank out sketches of your ideal kitchen on the fly. Thanks to its easy-to-understand symbol library and automatic formatting for a variety of Microsoft file types, it’s an efficient way to rapidly generate accurate schematics.

Easy Planner 3D

For a more interactive cloud-based kitchen design app, Easy Planner 3D is great go-to choice. It boasts pretty much all of the capabilities of SmartDraw and adds the ability to share designs with tens of thousands of other users. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, this can be a terrific source of inspiration. Furthermore, Easy Planner 3D allows users to take 3D tours of their designs and obtain 360-degree panoramic views of the finished product. You can either start from scratch or modify one of their Sample Room templates.

Digital Decorator

Easily the most innovative interior design tool on the web when it comes to slapping together kitchen layouts is Digital Decorator. This versatile room decorating software allows users to select thousands of different materials in a variety of shades for everything from tiles to cupboards. The 3D walk-through capabilities in particular pretty much blow every other free program out of the water. Registered users can get deep discounts on merchandise by purchasing it through the site. Users can also download PDFs of their designs and share them with other members.

Just the Beginning

While the programs profiled here are a great start, they can’t automate the entire kitchen redesign process. Achieving unique results that you’ll be happy with for years to come requires patient research and prudent judgement as you select components. If you’re new to home renovation, read up on interior design principles and put some thought into what kind of look will match your home best. As long as you go in with a concrete idea of what you want, these programs will take you the rest of the way.

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