Teju Babyface’s wife robbed, car windows smashed (Pictures)

Comedian/Talk Show host and TV presenter Teju Babyface’s wife Tobi Oyelakin was attacked by men supposed to be hoodlums around 8pm on Wednesday night.

The attack took place on Eko Bridge when the occupants of the car, Teju’s wife, the driver and three other girls were held up in traffic.

The 4 hoodlums suddenly emerged as if from nowhere and asked them to roll down the window glasses. Since their wish wasn’t granted, they smashed the rear windows glasses on both sides and began to treat the women very harshly, while they collected their valuables.

There was a nylon bag which they brought with them. Into it, all the jewelries they stole were poured. Other motorists who saw the act couldn’t help it. The robbery went on for about 2 minutes. But when they were able to move away and later saw some policemen, they reported the matter and the policemen only sympathized with them.


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