Why you’re losing money on Neobux (Part 1)

Neobux.com is legit and many people are making money from it. But I also consider it as a Forex market where the lone trader can lose funds at any time he trades.

The only problem is you will earn 1 cent after ten clicks on ads which is too low. You have to follow the steps here to move on to better earnings.

I have heard that in Forex, you could lose all the funds you’re trading with in less than one minute! I haven’t verified that yet and I haven’t traded Forex online before.

In Neobux, the primary way to earn is by buying and maintaining referrals. Buying referrals is easy but maintaining them is the hardest part.

Here’s a mistake that I made and that I know you too could make: If you set your account to Autorenew, you’re setting up yourself to lose money.

Why is this?

Because most of the purchased referrals won’t click everyday. And if you set up your account to do Autorenew for 240 days, you get to pay for them every single day!

In other words, although your referrals, who are supposed to work for you every day don’t, you pay for the days they don’t click.

Don’t be fooled by the promise of a discount, especially if you extend renewals for up 240 days. It’s all a waste of resources. Set your account to Autopay at all times. If your referral don’t click, you get to pay nothing on him for that day.

When most of your referrals are not working up to expectations, once you’re doing Autopay, the rest is well taken care of. At the end of every month, you know what you’ve gained.

However, if you set your account to Autorenew, it will take you a longer period of time to start seeing profits. In most cases, that’s even when you’ve upgraded to Golden.

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