Beware of software that can harm your computer


Software is what makes the world go round. Without software, you will have no computer because that is the stuff that makes your laptop or desktop computer work properly.

But the essence of this post is not to tell you a story about how or why software are good for your laptop. However, we want to intimate you that whenever you’re downloading games or any other useful software on your computer, before you start using the software, make sure that you scan the software; even if it is from reliable source.

Have a good antivirus working properly on your laptop before you download any software because this is the means by which hackers corrupt the systems of others as a means of collecting their information or destroying it.

So, anytime you want to download any software; ask yourself: Is the source verified? If it is, still take your time to scan it before you install it on your laptop computer. Even if you’ve already installed any software on your computer, you can still scan it to know whether you need to uninstall it.