CFEF Advances Student Achievement

The Consortium of Florida Education Foundations (CFEF) advances student achievement through member local education foundations by partnering with key stakeholders. Through initiatives that include scholarships, recognition programs and drop-out prevention strategies CFEF works to provide innovative learning opportunities throughout the state of Florida.

History of CFEF

CFEF was organized in 1987 following a 1984 law that allowed Florida school districts to create local education foundations in order to raise funds for student support. The group has grown from just a handful of members to 59 foundations throughout the state. In addition to growth, the mission of CFEF has also changed over the years. The group raises funds to initiate statewide and regional partnerships as well as provide professional development for members to enhance their expertise in the field of non-profit management.

Mission of CFEF

All foundations under CFEF share one common mission and that is to increase business and community interest, involvement and investment in public schools so that children can achieve greatness. Foundations in large urban areas have large staffs and boards who raise millions annual for initiatives while rural education foundations may consist mostly of volunteers with only a few targeted programs. The goal is to raise the bar for K-12 development so that every child has a chance to succeed. CFEF is a primary link between education foundations and donors, leveraging the relationships to benefit students in classrooms.
CFEF Supporters

The key to the success of CFEF are the supporters in the business community, like Ian MacKechnie. These supporters serve as a conduit for private sector investment and community involvement in Florida public schools. More than 1,000 community leaders serve on foundation boards and 77 percent of those are volunteers from the private sector. Supporters raise $45 million annually to support the initiatives of CFEF and invest in programs that are not funded through tax money.

CFEF Values

CFEF values positive and productive collaboration with transparency and integrity by fostering relationships between members as well as partners in order to promote student achievement. Through the efforts of the volunteers, staff and supporters, innovative learning opportunities and teaching strategies can be implemented in Florida classrooms so that students have a better chance at success. Business and non-profit organizations work with CFEF to develop and implement projects in Florida schools. These are often strategic, turn-key projects that provide accountability at both the local and the state level.

CFEF works tirelessly for students enrolled in Florida’s public education system and are often able to access a dollar for dollar match from the State of Florida through the School District Matching Grant Program in the state. They are able to do this with the support of those who believe in their mission and values, providing monetary and volunteer support so that every child in Florida’s public school system has the opportunity to succeed and thrive. CFEF is committed to serving as an outlet for implementing statewide and regional education initiatives that provide the maximum impact from donations.