The future of consulting engineering in Nigeria

Imagine what it would be like to have one engineer in each home in Nigeria! Imagine what it would be like to have a branch of ACEN or NSE in every city in this country.
What would it be like to have more young people embrace engineering courses? More constructions need to be done; more designs better than what we have today need to be fathomed. There is still room for mega construction works in every city of the federation. Look around Lagos, the most populous state in Nigeria. There are several big construction projects going on. More will be done in the future as old edifices and roads are renovated to fit modern world-class standards.

Advancement in technology is needed when we think of designs of homes or corporate buildings. Nigerians must try as much as possible to avoid incessant collapse of buildings on the streets, and the saga of bad roads must be a thing of the past. This should be the Nigerian dream.
This is what ACEN is all about. This is what this magazine; The Consulting Engineer is all about. It is high time the federal and state governments supported the fight for triumph of the local consulting engineer.
The Nigerian consulting engineer has made progress on his own. However, more progress is what will take this country to the next level. The consulting engineer must be able to thrive on his own turf. It is time for the government and the engineering regulatory bodies to stop the harassment of the indigenous consulting engineer by his foreign contemporaries.
Unless justice is done to the bidding and approving of projects in favour of the Nigerian consulting engineer, there can never be much impact on the growth of the engineering sector and this will adversely affect the Nigerian economy. So the consulting engineer must be highly valued in this country.
Nigerians must award more contracts to the indigenous consulting engineer from now on. There is little room for progress, socially and economically, apart from doing that. We must encourage our own engineers to stay at home and contribute meaningfully to growth of our economy.