Auto safety: How Safe Is Your Car?



Your car is as safe as you make it. Many careless issues regarding auto crashes are the results
of inability of the owner to spot hazards lurking inside the automobile itself. Thankfully,
auto industries nowadays are taking more than a cursory look at the issue of safety on highways
If you are a first-time car buyer, make sure that you purchase the right kind of car you need.
Added to this, you must know just how safe your vehicle is. In this article, you will find
helpful tips that can help you keep yourself safe as you drive your car around town.

Safety Devices in Your Car
How many safety devises does your car possess? Can you think of two or three right now without
plenty of effort? you must know your car’s safety devises and how to maintain them or use them in
the way that will benefit you and any passenger(s) that regularly boards your vehicle with you.
think of it, when was the last time you checked your car’s brakes? Does your car possess ready
air-bags and strong seatbelts? What kind of safety sensors or cameras does your car possess? How
effective are these crash prevention systems? Do you really make use of these technologies?
The good part of this issue is that auto-makers are themselves concerned about how to prevent a
Though they understand that at times there is little anyone can do to prevent auto
crashes, these technology can minimize the risks greatly only if the driver pays enough attention
to the use of the technological devises manufactured to aid the prevention of accidents.
For example, the sensors, cameras and dashboard cameras that you can see inside high-tech cars
nowadays can warn drivers of impending dangers or potential accident. It is known that these
devices can automatically avoid accidents by applying the brakes themselves in case the driver
finds himself too slow or too carried away to do so.
The question now is; how many of theses devises does your personal car possess? The truth is that
even if your car does not possess some of these crash prevention devises, you can buy them
yourself and get them installed by your auto technicians. However, take note that these systems
can now be found on other cars apart from the luxury types.
The 2010 Ford Taurus has inclusive to its safety prevention systems the adaptive cruise control
and collision warning with brake support. This feature warns a careless driver of the risk of
dangerous driving before a crash can occur.
According to a report on a very popular auto website called, some cars possess radar
sensors in the front grille that detect objects traveling ahead and monitors their distance and
closing speed. When the system determines that a collision is possible, it warns the driver with
a display in the instrument panel and an audible indicator. If the driver doesn’t slow down, the
system tugs at the seatbelt and lightly engages the brakes, and if it determines that a crash is
imminent, it cinches the seatbelts and applies brake-force to mitigate impact velocity and the
force of the collision. This feature, known as Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) works
in conjunction with adaptive cruise control.
Other devises work in a slightly different manner. If the driver doesn’t slow the car in time,
warnings flash and an alarm sounds and the brakes are prepared for an emergency. There is a
devise that uses radar sensor to watch for vehicles ahead. If it senses a possible collision, the
system warns the driver via a visual indicator projected on the windshield and audible warnings
through the stereo system’s speakers. It also pre-charges the brakes and activates electronic
brake assist to help the driver stop more quickly. Of course, if we are to ruminate on every car
safety device in the auto market, this piece may become burdensome. Nevertheless, it wise for a
car owner to fully understand the safety systems peculiar to his or her own personal car.
Complement Your Car’s Safety Devises
It is one thing to have these wonderful technologies in your car but quite another to understand
their use. It actually pays to devote oneself to the proper use of these devises and care must be
taken so that the spirit of over-confidence does not supersede safe driving methods.
Basically, it requires dexterity for anyone to master the art of driving a car around. But it
takes more to drive safely. If you drive regularly, avoid becoming overconfident at any moment
and learn to also avoid distractions. talking about distractions, let us consider two of them.
The commonest these days is the use of mobile phones while driving. This act has been discouraged
from time to time. All around the world, the use mobile phones while driving; though dangerous,
looks charming. But statistics will fail to detect the number of accidents caused by mobile phone
distractions on the wheel. Certainly, much of what causes some accidents will never be known.
Federal Road  Safety Commission has from time to time warned drivers of the use of mobile
phones while driving. It is beneficial for all those who are fond of using mobile phones while
driving to note the following points.
1. Get to know your phone and its features β€” if you can dial a number with one key instead of
seven or 10, you’re better off. By all means, avoid pressing numbers one by one while driving.
What may lead to accident could occur within a fraction of a second!
2. Position your phone within easy reach β€” bending over to reach for it takes your eyes of the
road and can cause you to swerve.
3. Suspend calls in heavy traffic or in bad weather β€” you need to focus even more under hazardous
4. Do not take notes or look up phone numbers while driving.
5. Keep phone conversations short. Inform the person you are calling that you are in a car, and
hang up as soon as possible.
Additionally, using hands-free phones may not totally eliminate all the dangers of a possible
crash. Though it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how many people are using hands-free devices, 
there is enough evidence to suggest that although hands-free phones eliminate the physical
distraction of handling phones, the cognitive distraction still remains.
Granted, there are many ways in which you can ensure that your car safety issues are above reproach. Always learn new ways of keeping your crash prevention systems maximized for better use and you can be assured of a better experience each time you drive your car.


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