Heritage Marine Services Ltd: uploading wet cargo and bulk cargo in Nigeria

Marine service involves various marine operations such as clearing, shipping, haulage but for Heritage Marine Services Ltd, operations are mainly of uploading vessels and discharging them at safe points. The company is mainly specialized in uploading wet cargo, which involves petroleum products, and bulk cargo, which involves different types of other cargo like sugar and flower. The company also has the innovative method of tracking the position of its vehicles all over the world.

Venturing into business means that one must undergo training. For the management of Heritage Marine Services Ltd, understanding the business terrain fully has meant putting in more efforts to know about what works and what does not, as far as the industry is concerned. The managing Director of Heritage Marine Services Ltd chose the area of specialization the company because he has much experience about it. However, he said there’s room for improvement.

The problem with our dilapidated roads in Nigeria boils down to corruption. Port Access Fee and money collected from trailers are payment made to renovate access roads to the ports in Nigeria but are not used for the purpose for which they were meant to. However, there’s hope, since the new administration have promised that they have little tolerance for corruption.