NARTO: Stakeholders in major Nigerian sectors

Nigerian Association of Road Transport owners (NARTO) it is a body which acts in the interests of all transport workers and transport company owners in Nigeria. These companies or businesses may engage in movement of general cargos, petroleum products and other goods such as passengers or services. A combination of three transport associations, NARTO is able to function where the defunct associations could not, especially when it comes to policy making.
Dialogue and consultation is a primary objective of NARTO in accomplishing its aims. Dialogue with government officials play a big role in solving problems or challenges faced by NARTO members. This, in recognition of the important role played by transport in any country’s economic disposition. NARTO is a stakeholder in many aspects of the Nigerian economy today.

NARTO makes it possible for the nation to have markets. Without NARTO, no passenger or goods will reach their destination. This makes it imperative that NARTO become a stakeholder in agriculture as well. NARTO mainly provides employment but the responsibility of the association is better known as employer employee relationship.