Portland Paints & products Nig. Plc: Overcoming challenges in the paint industry

Portland Paints & products Nig. Plc has over the years metamorphosed into what it is today. In 1994, the company took a new shape to be the entity that we know today. The company went public in 2009 in the name of which we know it today, Portland Paints & products Nig. Plc. Since 2013, the company became a subsidiary of UAC, the company that holds 51 percent of Portland Paints & products Nig. Plc shares.

Among the challenges of the company are having to deal with non-expert business people who take the advantage of adulterating the company’s products and creating problems in the consumer market. Second to that challenge is the high cost of production because of incessant power cuts. Thirdly, sales are not forthcoming as usual because money in circulation is low. However, some of the initiatives brought since the managing director assumed office in 2013 is that paint basics are now produced in Nigeria, while colorants are bought abroad. This is a step further in manufacturing of paint products.