The problem with creating too many apps

There just too many things you can do with an app these days and you know as the times we live in gets more and more complicated and hyper-competitive, there will continue to be more and more apps.

It’s called apps economy, where even though too many apps are released with disappointing user experiences, apps are certified as must-stays.
Many app users are expecting high quality and reliability when they make use of apps and it seems that soon they can get that more than they’ve done in the past.
But the truth is, companies the world over are facing fresh challenges when it comes to designing their apps.
There’s actually a need to find solutions to most of the app quality challenges that creators are facing.

Some of the challenges include:
1. The problem of fierce competition
2. Switching costs are too low, making users to flee from one to the other easily
3. App users are too powerful, since they can often make their choices from app store reviews.