Various Nigerian commentators’ comments on The Young Engineer and the Future of Nigerian Economy

 I found your article “The Young Engineer and the Future of Nigerian
Economy” interesting in what you did not explore: that is, whether
engineering is still a rewarding profession for those of us practicing
it, and thus worthwhile recommending to the younger generation.

I became an engineer because I really had no other choice.From my
younger days, I enjoyed playing with electronics. I either end up
messing things up or fixing them.

I use the rest of the time playing on  PowerPoint presentations,
writing and editing various documents, chasing parts for production,
or something else techie. I also understand the risk of the engineer
not being employed and looking for a job. Elsewhere, someone is
contemplating going to USA to get a better job.

I think that the engineering field has potentials for the future and
in addition to being a good engineer, I am also blessed with the
ability to communicate effectively and enjoyment of promoting
technology. These I want to see in the next generation of engineers in

Frank Badmos,
Lagos Nigeria

I love engineering and I believe that every engineer must love what
they do. I love developing new designs, but that is so much different
from being an engineer in a corporate environment. The problem can get
worse as companies downsized and engineers were expected to not only
be engineers, but administrators, secretaries, etc. It is a terrible
waste of brain power. Of course, we know this is what is happening in
the country right now. The federal government must create more
opportunities for the consulting engineer to take pride in sector. How
else can we encourage the younger generation to embrace this
prestigious career?

It is painful today to see the top management officials of some
companies devaluing engineering and also devaluing true product
marketing and devalued.


I am not an engineer but I have a job and job security is evidently
rare in this country. But employee skills still remain valuable to
employers, which is the only job security anybody has. I have seen a
few engineers get laid off over the years, but they were all lame. I
would recommend this career to anybody, young people inclusive but I
would warn them that engineering is challenging, and they may not have
what it takes.