What you should know about avocado consumption

There are many food types that provide humans with carotenoids. This is why it is advisable that one eats different types of food. In any case, orange-yellow pigments give our bodies outstanding health benefits.

However, this is easier if the nutrients are absorbed into our body cells. It is commonly believed that taking more fat into the body helps the absorption of carotenoids because it helps to improve their absorption. There are also many other foods beneficial for carotenoids and some of these are; sweet potatoes, carrots, vegetables, and other food that contain little fat. Over all, avocado helps a lot when it comes to absorption of carotenoids.

Under normal conditions, it is also believed that avocado can help carotenoids absorption from two to six times as per when avocado isn’t there in the first place. So, it is safe to say that avocado speeds up the intake of carotenoids. It also is responsible for better or improved conversion of specific carotenoids such as beta-carotene into active vitamin A.

The conclusion is that we should all eat more fruits and food varieties as some other fruits and vegetables can help absorb carotenoids better.