3 more Prometheus movies to go about as a prequel to 1979 excellent Alien – Scott

In what may end up being the most costly troll ever, fanciful film executive Ridley Scott has evidently said that he’s arranging three – yes, three – more Prometheus movies to go about as a prequel to 1979 excellent Alien.

As per The Hollywood News, Scott was addressing German site FilmFutter when he dropped the sensation. Asked whether Prometheus 2, which is being recorded ahead of schedule one year from now, will lead us up to the occasions of Alien, Scott said:
“It won’t be in the following one, it will be in the one after this one or possibly a fourth film before we get once again into the Alien establishment…

“The general purpose of it is to clarify the Alien establishment and to clarify the how and why of the Alien’s making itself. I generally thought about the Alien as sort of a bit of bacterial fighting. I generally believed that that unique boat, which I call the Croissant, was a war vessel, holding these biomechanoid animals that were about annihilation.”

The news will probably come as a blended gift to film fans. It could be viewed as uplifting news in light of the fact that hey, Ridley Scott used to be extraordinary and who might gripe about more Alien standard from the man himself? Be that as it may, then again, it is on the whole correct to be staggeringly anxious about such a prospect in light of the fact that the past film was along these lines so ghastly.

Obviously Michael Fassbender is as of now marked to repeat his part as a fiercely conflicting robot character who had no unmistakable inspirations in at any rate the first continuation. Already it has been accounted for that Prometheus 2 will be determined to Earth, and that he needs to investigate more profound what it is that made the “Architect” characters in any case.

As The Hollywood News notes, notwithstanding the greater part of this Scott is additionally presently meeting expectations with District 9 chief Neil Blomkamp on a continuation of Aliens, which practically everybody is hoping to turn out superior to whatever Scott thinks of all alone.


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