Ebonyi residents lament high rates of armed robbery

The inhabitants of Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State capital, are right now living in trepidation after the expanding rate of equipped burglary in the town, particularly after the 2015 general election.

The vast majority of the casualties are undergraduates of Ebonyi State University (EBSU), and the state College of Agriculture (CAS), both situated in Abakaliki, and clients of different banks in the state capital.

Victims are burglarized at gunpoint, telephones and cash in their different lodgings are often stolen, while clueless bank clients likewise lose their cash to the outfitted looters in the wake of going to receive cash at various banks.

While portraying her experience, Mrs. Ngozika Ugwu, expressed that she was burglarized of the aggregate of N150, 000 in the wake of boarding a business tricycle normally known as ‘KEKE NAPEP’, saying that the cash was intended to pay for her spouse’s healing center bill.

“My spouse was to experience a surgery at the Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki, (FETHA), so I went to the bank to pull back the entirety of N150, 000 so that I could purchase stuff, furthermore pay for every one of the things required for the operation.

“While in the bank, I watched that one young fellow who showed up so tender, safe and pure sat discreetly in the bank watching individuals.

“In a matter of seconds before it got to my turn to be paid, the young fellow vanished from the bank. I went out from the bank and boarded a ‘KEKE NAPEP’ with the cash inside my purse.

“In the wake of riding on the Napep, another young fellow on suit halted the tricycle, yet while they were all the while contending about the matter, the young fellow that left the bank showed up from the opposite side of the street – bounced inside the tricycle, while the man on suit instantly tried to shoot me.

“They took the purse from me – pushed me inside the drain, while they entered the tricycle and zoomed off”, she said.