How to Concentrate on Higher Paying Writing Jobs Online

Finding a better paying writing gig on the internet can be a challenge
for a new writer. Most of the websites that appear on Google’s top ten
search results are basically the revenue sharing opportunities that
unwary writers could jump in without having all the facts.

I was involved in this kind of quandary for months on end without
making any real money on the internet. Think of what it means to scour
the internet all day, all night, and at the end of the month you get
bogged down with a few dollars for all the work you’ve done!  I often
heard sweet tales of people making the real cash just by writing
online and got to wondering why I could not make it on my own. My
BlogSpot blog was making peanuts from Adsense and that could not
sustain me for three days a month. Even though it had other revenue
streams like third-party affiliate banners and links, nothing changed
as far as online revenue was concerned.

So I decided to find new ways of making more money while my weblog
still made cents for days on end. My first approach was to do online
searches with a new disposition. I did the following:

•       I began to look for magazines online and offline that offer more
cash for writers.

•        My desire switched from the revenue-sharing gigs that are strewn
all over the place on the internet, to real companies looking for
write-up meant for their magazines. But it was hard for me to find

Mind you, there are challenges for those who are new to these kinds of
Some of the challenges I faced included seeing the top results of
websites on Google that promised writers they can make thousands of
dollars writing articles on the internet. Yet these websites lure
writers to join by paying some amount of money. I joined one such
program only to be frustrated at the end of it. So, I decided to use
smart keywords to search for writing jobs online. Before I began to
search, I tried hard to imagine what type of keywords companies
looking for writers would use when looking for writers. My advice?

•       Try to think what your ideal payment would be for one article. Once
I decided that it was $200 and above, I began to do searches on Google
using keywords such as ‘write for us get paid $200′, or ‘write for our
magazine and get paid $400′, etc.
The other side to this is that you may be required to write longer
articles to get a higher pay. You may be required to turn in 2,000
words or more per article.

It paid off. I began to see other companies or even online blogs
willing to pay better for high quality articles. At first, it was hard
for me to succeed in making much money from them because my articles
were often rejected. But when I took enough time out to observe the
writing style of those websites and the submission guidelines, I began
to succeed at making money for writing gigs on the internet.
Other Tips for Successful Freelance Writing:

•       Research. Don’t always rely on what you know. Do some homework to
find out what other people are thinking or saying about the subject
matter. Get more insight and put a new angle into your write-ups every
time you submit an article. Presenting a fresh angle will endear you
to your readers.

•       You need to change your mind set to succeed as a writer whether
online or offline. If you want to succeed, spend more time writing
articles than you play games on the internet or watch movies.

•       You must be determined to work hard. I have the habit of
proofreading my articles twice before I submit it to the employer. So,
make sure you do your job well by using word processors to edit your

•       Are you writing for an online magazine? Check out what type of
articles they accept before you submit in order to avoid frequent

•       Always pick a title that will make others to check out what you have
to say. The first thing your readers see really matters, as this will
either put them off or propel them to read your article.

It is simple as that but very significant. Grab your laptop now and
begin to type sensible
keywords on Google and you will see wonderful writing opportunities
that you were unaware of popping on your laptop screen. Sit down and
get to work and the money will stream in. Good fortune!

Jude Chukwuemeka is a business promotions expert, editorial
consultant, freelance writer and author in the making. He loves
writing on his online page, spilling out his thoughts because he likes
to write a lot.