Sepp Blatter faces criminal charges in his hometown

Swiss prosecutors say they are investigating Sepp Blatter, the leader of football’s governing body Fifa, on suspicion of criminal acts.

The lawyer general’s office said he was associated with making an agreement that was “unfavorable to Fifa” and making an “unfaithful installmental payment” to European football boss Michel Platini.

The 79-year-old, who has run Fifa since 1998, has constantly denied any wrongdoing.

Fifa, which has been hit by a string of defilement claims lately, said it was co-working with the examination.

“Swiss criminal procedures against the president of Fifa, Mr Joseph Blatter, have been opened… on suspicion of criminal botch… what’s more, – on the other hand – misappropriation,” the Swiss lawyer general’s office said in an announcement.

It said Mr Blatter was associated with marking an agreement with previous Caribbean football boss Jack Warner in 2005 that was “unfavorable to Fifa” and in doing as such “disregarded his trustee obligations and acted against the enthusiasm of Fifa…”

The agreement they say is thought to allude to a TV rights arrangement concurred in the middle of Fifa and Mr Warner’s association Concacaf which, as per an examination by a Swiss telecaster not long ago, purportedly brought about a multi-million pound benefit for Mr Warner’s own organization. .

Mr Blatter’s attorney, Richard Cullen, said he was certain the request would clear Mr Blatter of any wrongdoing.

“We are sure that when the Swiss powers have an opportunity to audit the records and the confirmation, they will see that the agreement was legitimately arranged and arranged by the fitting staff individuals from Fifa who were routinely in charge of such contracts, and absolutely no blunder happened,” he said.

As per the Swiss lawyer general, Mr Blatter is additionally associated with making an “unfaithful installment” of two million Swiss francs ($2m; £1.3m) in 2011 to Mr Platini, the announcement said.

It said the installment was “to the detriment of Fifa, which was supposedly made for work performed between January 1999 and June 2002”.

Mr Platini, as far as concerns him, issued an announcement on Friday night, saying the cash he got from Mr Blatter “identifies with work which I did under an agreement with Fifa” and he had illuminated matters with the powers.