The city where husbands offer their wives to visitors as gifts

The story has it that in a certain place in Benue state, Nigeria, men give their wives over as sexual gifts for their visitors. Usually, what is expected is that the visitor sleeps with the the wife of his host.

We took a look at Nairaland to see if the tradition ever existed, is still on, or has ben abolished.

Suffice to say, we drew conclusion from the following statement:


Anyway, its just a rumor. I heard eskimos also have a tradition of offering their wives to guests. If at all its done in benue, must have been centuries ago or something and probably stopped by now. 

The culture was reserved for other tribes married to Benue men but unfortunately it has been stopped. We hope other tribes will borrow a leaf from the Benue people and stop their own heinous crimes that are committed on their women like washing dead body of the husband for the wife to drink or the Osu issue to name a few