The city where women protest topless possibilities by going semi-nude

Here’s a report from a Huffingtonpost writer:

On the off chance that you are searching for Disneyland, then you are in the wrong state. This is New York. Times Square is a PUBLIC SPACE. Furthermore, in New York City (and New York State) being topless out in the open is LEGAL. On the off chance that organizations are vexed that the law is harming their financial balances, then they ought to get the lawmakers to make Times Square private (which is the thing that I assume they are attempting to do). Meanwhile, how about we all quit imagining that the painted ladies in Times Square is an infringement of anything genuine. It is just an offense to individuals who come to New York City (numerous with children) and need it to be a break from reality. All things considered, New York City is reality, and we regard common freedoms here.

Not just is it legitimate to be topless in New York City, yet for the purpose of craftsmanship, full nakedness is lawful openly for both men and ladies. I have demonstrated this MANY times incorporating commonly in Times Square. I as of late came back to New York in the wake of delivering the first Amsterdam Bodypainting Day. Taking after an effective NYC Bodypainting Day in July (100 completely naked models in general society roads), I thought it was a decent time to take the message of creative flexibility to Europe.