The last days of HID Awolowo

The paradoxical expression, quiet demise, has presumably never been more fitting to portray the going on of a man than the authority’s passing of the Awolowo’s wife, Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo, who kicked the bucket on Saturday, two months shy of her 100th birthday.

As per the record of her last minutes, distributed by the Tribune daily paper, Chief HID Awolowo, as she was affectionately called in the media, woke up at around 8 a.m. what’s more, motivated prepared to host a board’s meeting set up to arrange her century birthday. The meeting was planned to hold at10 a.m. in a front room of her home at Ikenne-Remo, Ogun State.

In her typical style, she reacted brightly to the welcome of Managing Director, African Newspapers of Nigeria PLC, Publishers of the Tribune daily paper, Edward Dickson, and those of her kids, fantastic kids and incredible terrific kids that were also for the meeting.

Not long after the meeting began at the Efunyela Hall, HID Awolowo was brought in and as though on signal, everybody in the lobby rose to welcome her with an animating recitation of the famous Yoruba tune: “Mom o, Mama o, Mama o, Olorun da mom si fun wa… ” which means: Mother, mother, might God ensure our mom for us.

Radiating with grins, she reacted to her kids’ supplications to God with another petition to God as it is standard among the Yorubas, saying “E kuipalemo o, eyin naa a dagba – a debt of gratitude is in order for the arrangement, you will throughout the entire live.”

As per the report, in the wake of listening to the considerations at the meeting for around five minutes, She said she expected to rest and requested that be pardoned. When she got to her room she requested for her lunch of beat cocoyam with egusi soup. After taking couple of pieces of the beat cocoyam, she welcomed one of her own associates who was taking care of her to eat with her, yet the colleague declined out of appreciation including that she would eat after the matron had eaten to her fill. Not one to miss an opportunity to enjoy the chipper discussion, she praised the pair’s magnificence of shoes the right hand had worn and requested that her get a comparative pair for her later.

After lunch, she laid on her bed for some time. Be that as it may, she all of a sudden requested that be raised up from her bed. The young fellows who had come to raise her from her dozing position understood that she was heaving for breath and sent for her two surviving kids, Tola Oyediran and Tokunbo Awolowo-Dosumu, who were also among of those going to the meeting.

Not long after her youngsters hurried into her room, she quit breathing.

Identifying with columnists on Sunday at family home in Ikenne, Mrs Awolowo-Dosumu, a previous Nigerian Ambassador to the Netherlands, related that her mom kicked the bucket in her arms. She said Mrs. Awolowo did not yield in request to God and gestures of recognition to God till her final gasp.

“She was in high spirits before she exited us and didn’t give us space to suspect the opposite as she continued petitioning God for us.

“Whether she had a hunch about her passing, we will never know without a doubt as she continued singing and applauding God. It was her voice of supplication to God that we heard last.

“That minute was gigantic and we are happy to get her last gifts. Mom in the long run took her last breath in my arms,” she said.

She said she would miss her mom’s “savvy direction and protective care clearly,” more than whatever else including that the family will do all in its energy to safeguard their late mother’s legacy.

Mrs. Awolowo-Dosumu, however said she was disheartened that her mom couldn’t live to commend her century birthday.

“This is exceptionally sudden for us. On the off chance that anybody had let us know that Mama would inhale her last yesterday, we would have contended till thy life hereafter.

“I am as yet attempting to deal with the way that she’s no more. I feel extremely frustrated and wished she had the chance to perceive the amount she intended to everybody,” she said.

Mrs. Awolowo was born on November 25, 1915. She wedded the famous government official, Obafemi Awolowo on December 26, 1937. Famously alluded to as the “gem of limitless worth” in her primes, she was a fruitful representative and assumed a dynamic part in supporting her spouse’s incredible political vocation.