WHO declares Nigeria polio-free

As the World Health Organization reported that polio is no more endemic in Nigeria and that just two nations stay on the polio-endemic rundown, the citizenry has motivation to celebrate. This is the first occasion when that Nigeria has interfered with transmission of wild poliovirus, bringing the nation and the African area closer than at any other time in recent memory to being affirmed without polio.

As per the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), people in general private association driving the push to destroy polio, this a ‘noteworthy accomplishment’ in worldwide wellbeing. WHO has seen that Nigeria has not reported an instance of wild poliovirus since 24 July 2014, and all research center information have affirmed an entire 12 months have gone with no new cases, along these lines making Nigeria to purported free.

As per Anthony Lake, Executive Director, UNICEF, “The expulsion of Nigeria from the rundown of polio-endemic nations is a noteworthy triumph for Nigeria’s youngsters. It is a demonstration of the dedication and devotion of the Government of Nigeria, neighborhood pioneers, and bleeding edge laborers. Furthermore, it is evidence positive that on the off chance that we cooperate in association to achieve each group and inoculate each kid, we can complete the occupation of annihilating this abhorrent ailment all around, unequivocally.”

Beforehand, Nigeria represented more than half of all polio cases overall yet now, the present achievement is the aftereffect of a purposeful exertion by all levels of government, common society, religious pioneers and a huge number of committed health specialists. More than 200,000 volunteers the nation over more than once inoculated more than 45 million youngsters less than five years old years, to guarantee that no kid would experience the ill effects of this incapacitating infection. Imaginative methodologies, for example, expanded group inclusion and the foundation of Emergency Operations Centers at the national and state level, have likewise been urgent to Nigeria’s prosperity.