Cell Phone Spying: Why the Trend is Catching On

Spying was a word that was uttered very cautiously not too long ago. However, the word is thrown around rather casually in recent times, with the stigma attached to it dropping to an acceptable level. This has particularly affected the users living in the same place or those who are in a relationship. Although the obsession with snooping into someone else’s life is nothing new, the advent of internet, smartphones and modern spying technology has presented people with an opportunity to satisfy their appetite like never before. The practice has taken on the shape of a trend and it’s catching on fast. Let’s dig deep to comprehend what exactly is happening and why.

Spying Apps

The biggest reason why spying has become a trend is smartphone. Almost everyone on this planet has got one, and when they look at the apps available on their respective stores, they stumble upon phone spy apps that are explicitly promoting spying on kids, spouses, employees, etc. The creators of the apps may have intended to help parents and employers protect their reasonable concerns through these apps. However, as mentioned earlier, obsession with taking a peek into other people’s lives is gradually overshadowing the intended purpose, leading to the increased use, or rather abuse of spying apps.

Impact of Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have enabled people to interact freely. This is considered a blessing by many, but unfortunately, it has also introduced the risk of privacy invasion through social engineering. Many snoops have realized that they can dig their way into someone’s personal data, including the data on their phone, by simply playing their cards right. They begin by befriending the victim, sharing perfectly harmless links with them, and then eventually sending the installation link to some spy app to the unsuspecting victim. The whole process is extremely easy, requiring any technical know-how. The convenience of identifying and trapping targets through social networking sites is contributing to the growing trend of cell phone spying.

Mobile Generation

The victims and perpetrators of cell phone spying mostly consist of modern day kids that have been handed phones at a fairly early age. These kids are sharp but lack the sense of correct usage of certain things. They tend to be reckless and act before they think, thus making them ideal targets for predators, hackers, and other cyber criminals. Duping them into inadvertently downloading a spy app on their phone is rather easy for the attackers, who then proceed to steal data, including embarrassing photos and videos, from the victims’ phones to blackmail them for money or other favors. As the prevalence of phones grows among youngsters, cybercriminals are increasing turning to spy apps to ensnare them.