Dizengoff: Having full interest in the Nigerian economy

Dizengoff has been operating in Nigeria since 1958, fully in support of growing the Nigerian economy. The company finds the new democratic development in Nigeria to be very encouraging, although there are enormous challenges for businesses and government in Nigeria. However, food security is something that all countries of the world are concerned about. True, Africa can be a major food supplier to the world, but it has to first take care of itself. Unless we grow it here in Nigeria, food may not be available to the populace.

There’s a huge gap when it comes to how mechanized Nigeria is when compared with other advanced countries like the United States of America. However, unless Nigeria is properly mechanized, it will not be able to produce enough food for the populace. High interest rates loans or finance cannot as well help Nigeria to become highly mechanized. The structure of the land use act and the traditions in terms of land ownership also makes it hard for farmers to use lands as collateral for long term loans at low interest rates in Nigeria.