Do you think someone is born gay in this world?

No less than three answers appear to be conceivable. The main, the answer of convention, is as per the following: gay person conduct is a negative behavior pattern that individuals fall into in light of the fact that they are sexually tolerant and trial. This perspective holds rodent gay people pick their way of life as the consequence of liberality and an unwillingness to play by society rules.

The second position is held by various psychoanalysts (e.g., Bieber, Socarides). As per them, gay person conduct is an emotional sickness, symptomatic of captured advancement. They trust that gay people have unnatural or unreasonable yearnings as a result of poor familial relations in youth or some other injury.

The third view is “natural” and holds that such longings are hereditary or hormonal in starting point, and that there is no decision included and no “youth injury” fundamental.