Sexual assault cases rise in Enugu

Rape Victim

The stories were all the same. Their shared factor was chilling. Case in point, there was the narrative of a 78-year-old landowner who defiled his occupant’s little girl. There was additionally that of a 10-year-old young lady who was defiled by an undergraduate in one of the high establishments in Enugu. The undergraduate being referred to was staying with the young lady’s friends.

Telling her story, the nine-year-old young lady (name withheld) said that her landowner utilized dangers and intimidation on her before making the follow up on June 1.

She talked about how the suspect, Chief Ogbodo, welcomed her while he was distant from everyone else and stripped her bare before ambushing her few times.

She said that after the demonstration, she began draining extremely and the suspect attempted unsuccessfully to stop the dying, conveying both his tissue and shirt to clean the blood. She said he was all the while engaging with the draining when his wife arrived and started knocking at the door.

“While he was cleaning, the wife came thumping at the door; the wife’s thump was so noisy. When he later opened the door, the wife got some information about what the spouse did, and I advised her,” the young lady reviewed.

It was learnt that the case was charged to court and the man appropriately remanded. He was in any case, discharged and the case record was moved to the office of the DPP.

Likewise, a young lady revealed her involvement with the hands of attackers who seem to have assumed control over the Coal City.

“I turned out amidst the night to ease myself. Yet, unknown to me, around five young men were staying nearby the house. Instantly they located me, they assaulted me, snatched me and alternated to assault me. Thereafter, I reported the case to the police. Three of them were captured, while two fled. From that point forward, I have been accepting guiding and treatment at Tamar Sexual Assault Referral Center (SARC).”

Another casualty a 14-year-old young lady said that she was going through a forlorn path in the city when three young men purportedly jumped on her, beat her up and disregarded her sexually.

Additionally talking, a troubled father of a young lady whose little girl was ambushed in his vicinity portrayed the monstrous occurrence. “I was inside my home at midnight when thieves jumped into my home. They denied me of my cash and different assets. They tormented me and afterward debased my little girl right in my vicinity.”