VON Auto Ltd: In full support of auto policy

VON is one of the first automobile companies set up in the 70s. Then known as Volkswagen Nigeria Limited, it produced the popular Volkswagen brands known in Nigeria. The company was quite effective as its brands were well known and patronized by many Nigerians before negative economic issues took over and things changed for the company, to the extent that it was shut down for about 18 years. It was revived as matter of government interest in the mid 2000s.

VON started as an automobile distribution company but to add value to the lives of Nigerians, the management decided to manufacture automobiles here in the country as a means of empowering the people of Nigeria to take their lives in their own hands. Nigeria possesses a huge market and by doing more than selling cars, the automotive industry in Nigeria can also put the Nigerian people to better use.
As long as the importation of used vehicles continue to prevail in Nigeria, auto manufacturing companies will have a hard time adding value to Nigerians because it will be harder for them to offer locally-made cars at reasonable rates, since demand for them will be low. If the auto policy is allowed to fully operate, more automobile companies will spring up and Nigerians will enjoy buying cars at cheaper rates than they do right now. Of course, when volumes increase, price will come down.