NASA’s Bennu Asteroid Probe starts next month

NASA Will Launch Bennu Asteroid Probe Next Month, that’s the title of the news we just got.

According to the news, NASA is nearly ready to launch a mission to investigate the potentially devastating Bennu asteroid, which threatens to strike Earth in the late 22nd century.

The Osiris-Rex craft will liftoff on 7 September and spend two years mapping Bennu, before capturing a sample to return to Earth for examination.

There is a 0.037% chance that Bennu will collide with Earth in the next century, triggering damage comparable to 3bn tons of explosive.

The asteroid has been edging closer to Earth’s orbit for decades, but in 2135 it will pass between us and the moon for the first time.

The fly-by could see the asteroid’s orbit realigned to cross paths with Earth’s later in the century.

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