Phones: ZTE Axon Pro, time to unlock Axon 7 bootloaders technology

Android is an effective product, halfway on account of its adaptability and ease of use. In any case, at times, that openness begins at the procedure called bootloader opening.

A procedure that is for the most part disapproved of by gadget producers however adored, nay requested even, by force clients.

Attempting to resist the pattern and speak to its US fanbase, ZTE has reported that it will permit owners in the US to open the bootloaders of their Axon Pros or Axon 7’s. Be that as it may, just upon express demand and with a gigantic cautioning about voiding warrantees.

And come it did and now those in the US can indeed unlock their Axon’s bootloaders for whatever purpose. The process, however, won’t be as straightforward or without consequence. Unlike other OEMs that simply let users unlock their devices willy-nilly, users will have to fill up a form to request for it. But like almost all OEMs, with a few exceptions, ZTE warns owners that unlocking the bootloader voids their free warranty.

That latter part is what has some Axon owners still dissatisfied, citing some brands, like OnePlus, who similarly offer unlockable bootloaders without the caveat. Then again, ZTE isn’t alone in this practice, so it will probably hardly matter at this point. Although some do see unlocking bootloaders and similar activities as simply software processes, the final effects could actually affect hardware in the long run as well.