#SaveTwitter: Twitter may close down in 2017


Twitter can be home to a great deal of things — cesspools, talk, a reliably conceited Piers Morgan and more feline GIFs than you comprehend what to do with.

Be that as it may, is the fun all set to end one year from now?

Bits of gossip are flying around the online networking webpage guaranteeing it will be closed down in 2017, however no one actually knows how or why everything began.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you think those manageable snags are sufficient to prevent the hashtag #SaveTwitter from exploding with more than 100k tweets, you have something else coming.

There were a few phases to the news, with numerous among the heedless theorists recommending that the platform will be closed down because of tormenting concerns.

Source: digitalspy


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