These non-challant Radeon Software Crimson Edition drivers may interest you


AMD has discharged another set of Radeon Software Crimson Edition drivers, and frankly, they’re not that interesting. Rendition 16.8.1 basically includes support for the new Radeon RX 470 and Radeon RX 460 design cards, which started hitting the business sector toward the end of last week.

The RX 460 was less amazing, especially the 4 GB model, be that as it may it provides better than average quality at its $110 value point.

The Radeon Software 16.8.1 drivers additionally add another Crossfire profile for F1 2016, and right various known issues. Specifically, a WattMan issue averting high memory overclocks on the RX 480 has been determined, and crashes in recreations like Overwatch and The Division have additionally been tended to.

As usual, you can download a manual installer for the new Radeon Software 16.8.1 drivers online, or you can let Radeon Settings play out a programmed overhaul for you.


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