Windows 10 on the CON side

Windows 10 is very good and very fast!

I’ve heard that from friends who use it. But this report is going to make Microsoft rethink or reshape Windows 10 design…

THE WINDOWS 10 Anniversary Update is quick off the mark doing the things major OS patches always do, which is making hundreds of people complain that it’s broken their systems.

A thread on Reddit is rapidly filling up with complaints of system freezes a mere 20 seconds after booting up with yesterday’s update.

The thread was started by someone who claimed that “after logging in everything works for, like, 20 secs” after which the system freezes with the mouse over the taskbar and a ‘Windows is not responding’ message appears.

The freeze still takes place even after disabling every third-party application, the user claimed. Apparently, booting in Safe Mode seems to get round the problem.

That’s how a new writeup online describes Windows 10.