Ubiq Audio Model One: A remarkable speaker

The Ubiq Audio zModel Ones can play stupid loud without straining, so I found myself playing music louder than I normally would, just for the thrill of it all. When I played Charles Wuorinen’s “Percussion Symphony,” which I saw in concert 10 years ago, at realistically loud volume the Ubiq Audio  Model Ones really hit their stride. The all-percussion orchestra’s chimes, marimbas, xylophone, cymbals, gongs, bells, glockenspiels, wood blocks, tambourine and lots and lots of drums were all given their full due. The sound was astonishing, simply and utterly astonishing.

So rock music, which never comes close to the dynamic range of this well-recorded percussion piece, would never threaten the Ubiq Audio Model One’s composure. I’m stressing the Model One’s freewheeling visceral capabilities because I have so rarely encountered speakers of the Model One’s size and price ($16,000; £9,990 per pair) that can deliver this kind of power and glory.

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