UK customers say they aren’t swapping their Galaxy Note 7 despite faults

Latest reports say that UK customers who own a Galaxy Note 7 can have their device voluntarily replaced with a new one and should be contacted by the provider or operator from which they purchased the product in order to arrange their device exchange.

It is expected that exchange of units will begin Monday, September 19th 2016, with some info from the unfortunate occurrence reportedly costing the company around $1 billion so far worldwide.

But now, new data suggests that owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have not stopped using the faulty devices until now, which also suggests that they’re comfortable with using the devices.

Reports released by Apteligent shows an estimated adoption and, or usage rate of the Galaxy Note 7, showing a drop following the Note 7’s recall.

After this event, the adoption rate was seen rising again before seeing another dip in rates. The problem though is that while the drop occurred due to customers inability to purchase the phone, the adoption graph quickly rights itself again by the following weekend.