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Andromeda for Google’s Pixel 3


As many have been predicting for a while now, mobile and desktop/laptop operating systems are merging more and more and the latest juicy rumor on the subject suggests that Google will debut the so-called Andromeda OS – a mixture of Chrome OS and Android –  in late 2017. The news comes via Android Police, citing two “independent and reliable” sources who claim a new Google laptop, known internally as “Bison” but also referred to as the “Pixel 3”, will debut the Andromeda OS software in Q3 of 2017.

AP describes it as “the first brand-new device to showcase Google’s combined Android / Chrome OS ‘Andromeda’ operating system in a laptop form factor.” Allegedly Google’s various teams, in lncluding the Android team, Pixel team, and Chrome OS team, have collaboratively been working on the project for several years already, but only now are little bits of info bubbling to the surface. The report also described the Pixel 3 as a “distinct effort from Google’s current campaign to bring Android apps to Chromebooks,” adding that the Pixel 3 will not be marketed as a Chromebook.

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