BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Audi and Porsche in joint venture to build 400 charging stations for electric vehicles

BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Audi and Porsche collaborated today in a joint dare to construct a system of 400 quick charging stations for electric vehicles in Europe. They will probably make a “fast development of a sizable number of stations keeping in mind the end goal to empower long-run go for battery electric vehicle drivers.”

The new stations will be fabricated utilizing Combined Charging System (CCS) standard innovation, and highlight level 2 AC associations, level 3 DC associations and additionally new “ultra-quick powerful chargers”. The project is comparable, however bigger in extension, than the beforehand declared Ultra E extend, which expects to put 25 stations along the Trans-European Transport Network (T-ENT). Like Ultra E, the new stations will have the capacity to convey up to 350kW, more than twofold that of the present business pioneer, Tesla’s 145kW supercharger.

The 400 station plan is clearly just an underlying target, and will start development in 2017. We can anticipate that more stations will come after later. The automakers affirmed that each vehicle utilizing the CCS standard will have the capacity to utilize the charging stations. Tesla as of now has 260 charging stations in Europe, yet is planning to twofold that before the Tesla Model 3 is discharged in 2018. Appears there will be some sound rivalry between the two endeavors.