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Car Tech: Morrissey encourages General Motors to offer vegan cars

Talking for the benefit of floppy-haired preservationists all over the place, calmly supremacist tension man Morrissey encouraged General Motors to offer vegetarian well disposed adaptations of its cross breed and electric vehicles on Monday.

“I’m composing to request that GM make Chevy’s Volt and Bolt more eco-accommodating by giving purchasers the choice to pick veggie lover calfskin insides—including guiding haggles shifts,” composed the bendy Briton in an open letter tended to CEO Mary Barra. “GM is named in PETA’s shiny new examination of cows farms, on which creatures are marked on the face, electro-stunned, and beaten before they’re butchered and used to make cowhide insides.”

In his letter, Morrissey displayed veggie lover vehicles as a business open door for GM, possibly drawing in both creature inviting and ecologically disapproved of auto purchasers.

“More individuals are settling on veggie lover cowhide for both bovines and nature,” composed Morrissey. “Given that the Volt and Bolt are being promoted to eco-cognizant purchasers, altogether veggie lover choices would just expand their allure.”

As of now, just a couple auto makers offer electric vehicles that don’t utilize calfskin upholstery. Prior this year, every living creature’s common sense entitlement advocates praised Tesla for offering a rendition of its Model X SUV with a completely vegetarian inside, later uncovered to be the individual inclination of CEO Elon Musk.

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