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ForceBox Gamer PC: Unique twist on gaming

While we usually expect a review PC to be kitted out with premium hardware and featuring a hefty overclock, not everyone wants or needs the kind of power that comes from splashing a grand or more on an all-singing, all-dancing gaming PC. If 1080p is your goal and you’re happy with frame rates in the region of 40-50fps in the latest games, then overclocking and expensive graphics cards simply aren’t needed. However, we still want to see a unique and enthusiast-orientated twist on a gaming PC with this in mind, and that’s hopefully what Overclockers UK’s ForceBox Gamer delivers.

Taking advantage of Nvidia’s new and ultra low power GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (the model used here doesn’t even need power in addition to what’s provided by the PCI-E socket so has no power connector) the PC is absolutely tiny, housed in SilverStone’s fairly ancient but still very mini-ITX friendly SG05. This measures less than 280mm in every direction and is just 220mm wide and 176mm high. Think of it as roughly shoebox size or a little smaller. As such, it’s supremely portable and takes up less desk real estate than most large monitor stands.

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