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HP Spectre gets ultra in greatest sense

Review: the HP Spectre could be any more lux if it tried

The race is on to deliver the best Ultrabook in the world, and it’s a tight battle. Dell’s XPS 13, Razer’s Blade, the Asus Zenbook and Apple’s Macbook are all brilliant products in their own right, and now HP has released its entry into the premium Ultrabook market, the Spectre. This 13.3-inch laptop might be a little larger overall than some of the Ultrabooks, but when it comes to width it’s a word-beater.

HP claims this is the world’s thinnest Ultrabook, at just 10.4mm in width. It does indeed feel incredibly slim when in use, yet the backlit keys still have a nice level of travel, rather than the shallow depression required by other Ultrabooks. It’s quite the looker, with a beautiful copper finish to the hinge. Tucked within this are special pistons that keep the screen nice and rigid no matter the position. It’s so thin that there’s no room for standard USB Type-A connections, so instead includes three USB 3.0 Type C connections. HP is nice enough to include a single Type-C to Type-A adaptor for your legacy devices, but you’ll probably want to pick up a Type-C to Type-A hub to attach more than one Type-A device without having to buy multiple adaptors.

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