Imax, Acer, Other Partners Move For VR Content

IMAX Corporation and IMAX China Holding Inc. reported that the main period of the IMAX VR Content Fund is finished. The two organizations, alongside a few venture accomplices, set $50 million aside to finance the advancement of VR substance.

IMAX and its accomplices are looking for “premium, occasion style preparations,” and they’re willing to subsidize the generation. The IMAX VR Content Fund is intended to encourage the making of “higher-quality VR content that can be utilized over the expanding VR industry.”

IMAX said that the VR Content Fund would back no less than 25 VR encounters throughout the following three years. IMAX hopes to influence the encounters that the store accounts to use in its IMAX VR focuses later on, yet the cash is accessible to back substance for all VR stages.

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