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#iPhone faults: iOS 10.1.1 update causes battery drain


A NUMBER of iPhone clients are reporting that Apple’s as of late discharged iOS 10.1.1 redesign is bringing about their handset’s battery to go titsup.

Grievances initially began springing up on Apple’s support discussion toward the end of October, with users groaning that their iPhone is closing down when it’s battery rate is appearing as 30 percent.

“Upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS10.1 and have been having battery issues. It hops from 30 percent charge to 1 percent in no time flat then close down,” the first publication composes.

“Presently here is the more odd part. When it reboots subsequent to associating with a charger it demonstrate [sic] 30 percent charge. When I unplug it immediately regardless it indicates 30 percent and runs like nothing happened for a decent couple of hours.”

“Switching off the phone around evening time with a decent 80 percent charge, it won’t reboot in the morning because of no battery charge. I connect it to and its back to 30 percent in no time flat.”

The string has since racked up 19 pages of users grumbling about a similar issue. The issue gives off an impression of being influencing most iPhones, from the iPhone 4 through to the freshest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models.

Apple hasn’t yet offered an official clarification for the issue or said that it will amend things, yet some gathering users have reported that Apple Support says it knows about the issue and taking a shot at an overhaul to determine whatever is bringing on the issue.

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