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Learn more about Facetune 2 the next gen selfie app

Facetune 2 photo editing app, the next-gen successor to the popular selfie app, is now available on the iOS App Store for those who would love to take things to the next level. Not only does the new and improved app offer all the familiar features users of its previous iteration, it will also recognize (such as filters and beautifying tools), furthermore, it has been given a machine learning boost.

First and foremost among the new additions is its 3D facial reshaping function. Yould would love it. According to its developer Lightricks, FaceTune 2 uses artificial intelligence to scan your photo in order to understand how your features should be reshaped to fit naturally with the rest of your face. Wow!! It’s like a plastic surgery app in your pocket.

You can even use it to add a smile to the photos in which you’re otherwise looking way too serious.

Learn more about Facetune 2

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