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MacBook pro issues that may scare you

Some people bemoaned some of Apple’s choices in its just-announced MacBook Pro, such as limiting the maximum amount of RAM to 16 GB.

They think that memory ceiling is related to maintaining acceptable battery life with the current Intel chipset powering the machine. The MacBook Pro models are also more expensive than similar tiers in the past.

While I wait for it to arrive, I want to pass along a tip for dealing with a new annoyance — calendar-invitation spam — and look at what Apple’s apparent abandonment of its AirPort wireless router lineup means.

A reviewer who bought Apple MacBook Pro took a rational approach and listed pros and cons for his situation, which anyone can also do when considering a big purchase like the MacBook Pro. It boiled down to a few key points  which may help you if you’re in a similar situation.

He’s been purring along with a 2010 MacBook Pro, and although it’s still a good machine, it’s starting to get behind the technology curve.He said he managed to eke out more life by swapping the original hard drive and optical drive for two solid-state drives, but it’s limited to FireWire 800 and USB 2 port speeds, doesn’t support Handoff for quick intercommunication among Apple devices and is starting to get pokey.

Second, he does all of my professional work on Tech machine. He considered going in a different direction and getting a 5K iMac as a main computer and an iPad Pro as a remote device, but he does too much work in disparate locations to be tied to a desktop. And although he adores the iPad Pro, it’s not a desktop replacement for much of what he needs a computer to do.

He sometimes need to run Windows, which he does in virtual memory using Parallels Desktop, but he doesn’t want that as his main operating system. because he’s not knocking those who do — Windows just isn’t his everyday choice.


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