Mattress with four foam layers and one layer of technology


Everything is going smart nowadays, it began with phones years back and all the more as of late watches. Today even your bedding is getting smarter with an end goal to help you rest better. I think we can all get behind tech that helps us to rest better and wake up more invigorated. The Eight Smart Mattress has four layers of high-thickness foam and an innovation layer that can track rest.

The four foam layers incorporate 2-crawls of responsive foam, 2-creeps of adaptable foam, 2-creeps of transition foam, and 4-creeps of high thickness bolster foam. Every side of the bed can warm itself independently, which is awesome on the off chance that you live in a cold environment. The bed can likewise interface with other keen home gadgets. The bed was planned in the wake of studying more than 1.8 million hours of rest information that was picked up by means of the Eight Sleep Tracker, the main item from the organization.

“We used anonymized sleep data and the feedback of over 10,000 people, to understand which materials and types of mattresses give customers the best sleep,” said Matteo Franceschetti, CEO at Eight. “Based on our research, we saw an opportunity to create a better mattress. So we designed one with a unique blend of four responsive and high density foam layers that provide optimal comfort and support, plus one layer of our proprietary technology that helps people track and improve their sleep.”

Elements of the bedding that intend to enhance rest incorporate the programmed temperature control for every side of the bed. The bed can likewise associate with savvy indoor regulators, lights, and espresso machines. The prospect of a bed that can associate with your home indoor regulator to turn on the warmth on the off chance that you get excessively chilly is truly cool. The tech will show data on an application that keeps running on your savvy gadget that will give you tips on sleeping better.