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TV Tech: Another look at DirecTV Now

For starters, you’ll need a compatible device and a superfast Internet connection. Those may not be big hurdles for a lot of people. However, the main issue is that TV and Internet are often bundled together, and canceling your cable subscription could mean paying more for “just Internet,” nullifying some of that precious savings.

Then you’ll have to consider channels and features. DirecTV Now has most channels you’re used to with traditional cable, but it doesn’t possess CBS. (Full disclosure: CNET is owned by CBS). Other local channels (ABC, Fox and NBC) are only available live in a few major cities, and your favorite team’s sports network might not be available at all. NFL football games (on NBC, Fox and ESPN) are effectively blacked out on non-Verizon mobile devices, although you can watch them on TVs and PCs.


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