The problem with Manchester United’s spending culture

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It was with disdain that I read the following title online: Do Manchester United need at least £100 million to challenge for the Premier League?

A cursory look at it showed that it was something that former Manchester United player Phil Neville suggested on BBC Five Live show. I strongly feel that he said it in order to mock Van Gaal and Manchester United.

Neville went on to claim: “I know United have spent £150m… I think there’s another two transfer windows of similar amounts of money needed – maybe £100m – before they can even think about winning the title.”

You shouldn’t blame him, there’re guys out there who think that Manchester United are a great flop this season, with all that money spent and nothing to show for it.

The article also made it known that Neville’s argument is based around the fact that United only signed one centre-back in Marcos Rojo this summer. It is a remarkable claim though given how much they have already spent, a figure that could rise if Falcao is signed permanently.

But the real problem is that United signed quite badly in the summer, in terms of creating a good squad balance. United ended up with a very top heavy squad. There is a huge depth in forwards but an unbelievable lack of depth at the back.

What was Van Gaal thinking?

One tries to wonder if Van Gaal is not out to disgrace himself in the same way that Moyes did. But he appears to have a staunch fan base in Nigeria, as my social media post showed, asking who fans prefer between Van Gaal and Moyes — and there were swift responses that told me not to step on Van Gaal’s foot at all, or might get my tongue burnt!

One particular responder said that Moyes has no fans but Van Gaal’s got a deluge of supporters worldwide who regard him as a mini-god. Mind! Van Gaal is strongly etched in the minds of a lot of football lovers.

But that in itself doesn’t speak at all for the failure of the team that fans are seeing on the pitch these days. Or could it be that Manchester United knows little about the business of football? Some people say that Sir Alex forgot to leave his blessing before he left. If that really is the case, he should at least drop by and give the blessing he failed to give before he left.

Now, I’m beginning to think that Manchester United will be unable to renew the famous Nike deal. Even before that chance comes around; it seems the damage is already done, as the club may be unable to foot their bills soon. Club income may be reduced next season by around £35m, if care is not taken, and the club may miss out on a further £10m in gate-receipts. 

Okay, let’s say that Manchester United are all too ready to spend another hefty sum to purchase defenders; they should remember that there’s a material drop in Champions League income combined with the need to spend heavily to rebuild the team, and this doesn’t sit happily with the new Premier League’s new rules.

In addition to that, the club simply cannot increase wages without giving consideration to the timing of a much-needed restructure. The new rules represent a sea-change. The days when one of the richest Premier League teams could simply buy their way out of trouble, without a glance over their shoulder, have gone.

And Neville believes that is the biggest issue still to be addressed. His words; “I think there’s another two transfer windows of similar amounts of money needed – maybe £100m – before they can even think about winning the title,” may be the biggest advice Manchester United ever needed. Accomplishing it is another story entirely.