Neo-Tech: Electric Refuse Vehicle

The City of Chicago, USA is now home to the first and only all-electric garbage truck in North America.  Designed by a company called Motiv Power Systems, the Electric Refuse Vehicle, or ERV, was made possible using Motiv’s modular, plug-and-play electric Powertrain Control System (ePCS) technology and in collaboration with Chicago’s existing refuse truck vendors. 

The City of Chicago is currently running the Motiv ERV on different residential refuse and recycling routes of up to 60 miles, saving 2,688 gallons of fuel a year. 
Facility Management Commissioner, David Reynolds said the company is constantly looking to modernize and improve the City’s fleet operations through environmentally conscious choices, proud to be home to North America’s first all-electric refuse and recycling truck, they look forward to examining how this truck can boost efficiency, reduce emissions and save tax payer dollars in the future.
To supply Chicago with North America’s first all-electric garbage truck, Motiv Power Systems won the competitive contract in 2012, against two other companies in the semi-final round.  Motiv has emerged as the leader in electric trucks with its scalable trucks and was recently recognized in the 2104 Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies rankings as 12th in Energy and 241st overall.

The first ERV, delivered earlier in 2014, is one of an estimated 20 that could be built within the exclusive 5-year purchase order.  The development and production of the Motiv ERV was facilitated through a Department of Energy grant to the City of Chicago.

Chicago specified that this ERV must meet the demanding requirements placed on all of its garbage trucks.  This included 60 mile range, a payload capacity of nine tons and 1000 pounds per cubic yard of compaction.  These specifications make the ERV capable of use anywhere in Chicago.  To supply enough electricity to move the truck and power the hydraulics all day, the ERV is equipped with 200 kilowatt-hours of energy, in ten battery packs.  Full charge time is 8 hours using the Motiv Universal Fast Charger. 

The Advantages?
·         Less fuel usage
·         No noise as the truck moves about the communities
·         Excellent environmental atmosphere because no fumes discharged

Motiv is leveraging the expertise of existing truck manufacturers. They can offer electric options of their existing trucks, to their existing customers, and service them with their existing infrastructure.  The Chicago ERV is illustrative of this unique business model and is applicable throughout the US in many different truck segments.