The advantage of your sedan over trucks

The safety of cars these days make it easier for people who love cars to appreciate them the more. Since the turn of the century, people have been more attuned to using cars because they way that they are designed these days make them safer than even light trucks. Although you still need to consider such things as weight and size differences, car experts still believe that cars definitely have their own advantages over trucks when safety issues come up.

For one thing, the main advantage of your car over your truck is that it has lower center of gravity, size and braking. This lower center of gravity translate to a lower likelihood of falling over or tipping over as some light-weight trucks do when there’s a heavy wind.

Remember, your sedan, whether full size or not is closer to the ground. No wonder you see many times on the highway that it is the trucks that get rolled-over, instead of the cars. The gravity sustained by sedan cars or other types of cars hold them up when they trip over road-side pavements, curbs or soft shoulder.

Secondly, cars can also be more nimble and they’re often more capable of avoiding collision because they’re smaller and they practically come with shorter braking distances.

But sometimes, these advantages can sometimes become disadvantages. The lesser weight and lower weight of sedan cars make them to be more vulnerable to larger trucks on major highways.

So comparing the crash danger of an SUV with that of a sedan, you see that an SUV has the opportunity to absorb crashes, although it had not been built to absorb crash energy, nevertheless, its height and weight make up for other disadvantages that your sedan may not possess on the highway.