3 ways to purchase cheap laptops in Nigeria

Looking for ways to purchase very cheap and good laptops in Nigeria?

1. The best way is to know a friend or someone who wants to sell his laptop. It could be in good condition but the person may be in need of ‘change’ which gives you the opportunity to call the shots when pricing it.

2. The second way is to be on hand at a major market such as Ikeja Computer Village when there are heavy consignments of ‘tokunbo’ computers from abroad sometimes offloaded. These computers sell ridiculously cheap but you may need to buy them without a test, which leaves you to be either fortunate or unfortunate when buying from cut-throat merchants.

3. The third way is to buy from Aliexpress.com online. It has been reported that there are many items you can buy for cheap on the web portal and even have some of them shipped free of charge to you in Nigeria. Anyway, beware of scammers when you deal there.

If you need a new or used laptop, don’t first rely on going to big local shops to buy. Make your research and be sure that no one is trying to rip you up.



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