5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Golfers

Unfortunately, Dandy-man Andre 3000 has yet to release a style guide for golfers detailing just now he makes his crazy plaids and golf-inspired outfits look so darn fashion forward (his personality probably plays a big role). So you’re going to have to do some digging to find the perfect holiday gift for the golfer in your life. But you’ll discover that there are plenty of options more appealing than the same old bucket of Titleist balls you normally put under the tree. Here are just a few great holiday gift ideas that are sure to please the golfers in your home or social circle.
  1. Subscription to Golf Digest. Contrary to popular belief, print is not dead, although the medium has certainly evolved thanks to the online revolution. These days you can not only give people magazine subscriptions that include the delivery of a printed publication to a person’s mailbox, but you can also sign them up for online publications that include mobile access via an app. So whether that special golfer in your life likes to keep Golf Digest on the nightstand or read it on the links, you can gift a suitable version to go with every reading preference.
  2. Handicap app. For as little as a few bucks you can give your favorite golfer a digital, mobile means of tracking handicaps during games. There are several options to choose from, including the Golf Handicap Tracker & Calculator for the iPhone and iPad (which got user reviews of 4.5 stars on iTunes). But you might prefer the HDCP Tracker, which offers a USGA approved version.

  3. Golf socks. Buying clothes for other adults is always a dicey proposition. And while you can probably get away with polos if you know a golfer’s size, you might want to stick to garments that anyone can appreciate, like the golf socks made by KentWool. These low-profile foot protectors are not scratchy like old-school wool. Instead they are designed for both comfort and performance, providing the soft cushion needed to walk the course all day, as well as wicking performance that will keep feet cool and dry.
  4. Nike Fuelband SE. Golfing is about more than getting outdoors and having a great time with some friends – it’s also an excellent form of exercise. And if the golfers in your family or group of friends are interested in getting on track with fitness, the Nike Fuelband SE could be a great way to measure their efforts when they hit the green and go 18 holes. Even better, users can create groups and set challenges to enhance the social aspect of this fun fitness band.
  5. Training sessions. Unless you’re getting golf gifts for Tiger Woods, chances are good that the golfer in your life could benefit from some help. And holiday gifts from SKLZ could provide the perfect sports training aids for anyone looking to improve his or her game. With plenty of tools and instructional videos to choose from, you’re sure to find a suitable training regimen for your avid golfer. But you might also want to consider sessions with pro golfers to help your honey improve a swing or putting prowess.